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Lawn area invokes a feeling of luxury coupled with leisure for any space in front of which it spreads out. Development and maintenance of green cover which is natural on lawns is difficult, cost draining not only for places like playgrounds, school nurseries, industrial parks, etc, but also for domestic lawn stretches. It is for this reason that artificial turfs have acquired presence at almost every lawn space. After their installation, the artificial turfs require minimal maintenance and care which makes them favourable over natural green cover. However, howsoever little maintenance may be required, but it does need maintenance. And this maintenance to artificial turfs is required to be provided at the hands of professionals. Landscape Turf provides for professional degree of care for artificial turfs.

We indulge in processes like anti-flattening of pile of the artificial turf, removing moss and other bacterial growth which the artificial turf might have attracted and grown over the time period when it has not been tendered in an ideal manner, providing necessary coating of which acts as repellent for dirt and bacterial infestation on the artificial turf and other such maintenance measures. Landscape Turf has three different maintenance packages for domestic lawn stretches and clients can choose depending on the maintenance requirement which their lawn commands and their feasibility. Artificial turf play fields at schools and nurseries are also attended by us with utmost professionalism acknowledging the fact that it needs better maintenance than domestic stretches because of the sheer traffic which it bears.

Well maintained artificial grass lawn